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RE/MAX Real Estate FAQ - Buying Your Home, Working With A Real Estate Agent

Home Ownership - Questions and Answers
'Hiring a Contractor'


What are some guidelines to follow when trying to find a contractor?
While hiring contractors recommended by friends is usually a safe route, never hire a construction professional without first checking him or her out.
  •  In Ohio contact the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB), to find out if there are any outstanding complaints against that license holder.
  • In the Youngstown Area call the Youngstown Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints on file.
  • If you are satisfied with the answers you find there, interview the contractor candidates.
  • Ask what kind of worker's compensation insurance they carry and get policy and insurance company phone numbers so you can verify the information. If they are not covered, you could be liable for any work-related injury incurred during the project.
  • Also be sure that the contractor has an umbrella general liability policy.
  • If they pass the insurance hurdle, next check some of their references. A good contractor will be happy to provide as many as you want.
  • Finally, don't let yourself be rushed into making a decision no matter how competitive the market may seem.
  • Also, never pay a deposit to a contractor at the first meeting.

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Where do I get information on remodeling?
See Real Estate Guide: Home Ownership (Improvements) - Where do I get information on remodeling.

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How do I find a home inspector?
See Real Estate Guide: Buying Your Home (Home Inspections and Warranties) How do I find a good home inspector?

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